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Getting our government on the right PATH

April 23, 2015

Kevin Ferrall

Today we met with administration to go over our letter being sent out to our legislators to discuss the changes PATH brings to the community. We are excited to get things going for the coming week with building development and the health fair

Earth Day!

April 22, 2015

Kevin Ferrall

Happy Earth Day!
Did You Know? Physical activity can lower your blood glucose up to 24 hours or more after your work out by making your body more sensitive to insulin.
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Are you on the right PATH?

Meeting at Corral Park 04/08/15

April 9, 2015

Heaven Carrejo

Project PATH is progressing so quickly! We were able to meet with the Parks and Rec. manager Ms. Ivy, the geosciences dept. from the local univeristy TAMUK, and Kingsville's City Planner! Things are well on their way, so stay posted for new information on project PATH :) 

P.S. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @tamnspha for more frequent updates :D

PATH Taking a stand

April 9, 2015

Kevin Ferrall

PATH is made possible through the involvement of our community members and leaders. PATH has taken the steps on advocating becoming more involved with our legislators to promote better health awareness and follow the ideals set by PATH. Pharmacy is taken large leaps and bounds in Texas Healthcare. PATH is one of those small steps to the road for better health.

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