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Live: Version 2.1

11 April 2013


Login with Facebook. Login using Facebook and register for tamsnpha.org as a member or as a non-member. Both members and non-members can register and use all the tools available on the website.

Learning Resources. Every Monday, new NAPLEX and MPJE questions open for students to test their knowledge and continually practice for the two tests required by TSBP to become a licensed pharmacist.

Service Learning Sign-Up. Service Learning events offered by SNPhA are now on tamsnpha.org. Both members and non-members can log in and register for any open events. Admins can create service learning events and open them to members only, members and nonmembers, or they can close events to prevent changes to the roster. Also, passwords can be added to events to give specific committees or people who attend meetings an advantage for events.

myTAMSNPhA. Registered students can use the myTAMSNPhA portal to change their membership information, view service learning events, and upload photos to the historian. Picture for a specific service learning event can be uploaded myTAMSNPhA under the user's service learning events, or other pictures can be uploaded under the more generic picture uploader also under myTAMSNPhA.

Mobile Site. Students using mobile devices (iPhone, Android) can enjoy a mobile-friendly experience on tamsnpha.org. All regular features of the full site work on the mobile site, including test questions and picture uploads.

    Known issues:
  • Facebook login only works when the "www." prefix is included. For example, www.tamsnpha.org works while just tamsnpha.org does not.
  • Blackboard ID error messages do not work. If an error occurs with processing your Blackboard ID during registration, the site will tell you you have successfully registered, but the "Complete your registration" link will continue to appear in the login area. Note: Blackboard IDs are currently case-sensitive, so please prevent your mobile device from auto-capitalizing the first letter when registering on the mobile site. Also, the current list of members may be incomplete, so if you are unable to register as a member, please contact the webmaster for help.
  • Automatically redirecting to the mobile site only works on the home page, www.tamsnpha.org. Please go to that address on your mobile device when trying to access the mobile site.